Your Company Blog is Broken. Now What?

Brands that run a successful blog will have a community of readers who are engaged with their content.

Having dedicated readers can increase traffic, generates leads, boost SEO rankings, generate revenue and even assist in brand management.

The Bleacher Report is a good example of how a blog can evolve into a brand. The Bleacher Report went from a standard sports blog to a full-fledged company with a brand that has a cult-like following.

Forbes contributor Aaron Kwittken says, [t]he site, which covers sports from all angles, has grown to reach more than 60 million unique visitors per month,” effectively competing with more established brands like ESPN.

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Genia Stevens
Managing Partner at Belwah Media
Genia Stevens is a digital marketer and Forbes columnist. She is owner and managing partner of Belwah Media, an award-winning integrated digital marketing agency with offices in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL. Genia Stevens is passionate about community media, tech tools, podcasting, and everything digital.

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